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Blogging: A Writer’s Journal

Blog writing: A Writer’s Journal


A novel means for an author to keep potential customers and also followers in the loophole on their progression as a writer is with using a web log or ‘Blog site’.

“This notion of self-publishing, which is just what Blogger as well as blogging are actually around, is the following huge wave of human interaction. The last large wave was Web task. Prior to that a person it was e-mail.”– Eric Schmidt

This online tool has permitted numerous authors to share ideas, humor, politics, as well as much more with any type of and all that would certainly check out. Because the Internet is a tool of connectivity it also enables immediate responses in ways common posting could not offer.

Essentially the web has actually produced a way for somebody that has actually not been found to discover an audience that is interested in exactly what they have to claim.  I’ve been blogging on different sites for over 4 years and found my niche here.  My first blogging attempts were in travel.  I was helping out a friend who owned a limo company and used it to offer advice to locals.  It ended up being pretty good for the business, Santa Clarita Limo Service, but not so much for my diversification.

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NLP: Your Pathway to Personal Success

NLP: Your Path to Personal Success

Journal Project February 23, 2013 - February 24, 2014

As a certified NLP instructor, I am usually asked, “Exactly what is NLP? “.  That is an excellent question as most do not know what it refers to.

The term NLP means neuro-linguistic programming and also was coined in the very early seventies by John Grinder, an assistant professor of grammars at the College of The golden state, Santa Cruz, and Richard Bandler, a student of psychology at the college. They began their work by studying Fritz Perls, a psychotherapist as well as begetter of the Gestalt college of therapy, Virginia Satir, a prominent family members specialist and also Milton Erickson, a world-famous hypnotherapist. Their intention was to design superior therapists as well as determine patterns so that other specialists could make use of these patterns to generate similar results. It could be claimed that NLP has to do with recognizing quality via an exploration of patterns, and then designing methods for others to make use of those patterns to attain comparable outcomes.

NLP likewise employs earlier work, such as Ivan Pavlov’s trained reflexes (1904). In NLP this is called anchoring. NLP takes theoretical outcomes created by others and also makes them available to you and also me so we can improve our lives and also wellness.

I have had the opportunity to use NLP in my daily life and in my business.  As silly as it sounds, when I am in negotiations, I use it to my fullest extent, which permits me to have success a majority of the time. The most recent memory was when I used it to negotiate with my pool contractor to get an incredible rate by the business he would get just from my referrals.  That’s very general, but worked like a charm.

NLP is more than just techniques. It is a curiosity concerning how individuals that are high achievers accomplish what they really set out to do. It is additionally an approach that assists you in finding those assuming and also interaction patterns that avoid you from being successful and reveals you how you can achieve the results of effective people. That is, NLP is a procedure of finding the patterns of quality of specialists, as well as it makes these reliable Continue reading

Ways to Improve Your Communication


One of the most important and imperative life skills to have today is effective communication.  It seems as though we really do not put a huge effort into it. Doesn’t matter if you are looking to have better more intelligent conversations in the social aspect of your life or you want to be a much better communicator for you career. Here’s a few ways that will help you in learning to be a better communicator and more effective at communication in all areas of your life.

Take Notice of Your Body Language

We all know this one and that is we tell our partner to open up and discuss the subject at hand, however our arms are crossed, we roll our eyes, we are desperately looking at our cell phones and we expect effective communication?

I would think even a child would tell you to please pay attention and look at me (I know because my child has asked me to do so!). Sad but true. It is our non-verbal and non-written expressions that are so revealing to others that we may not even take notice. Well, take notice!

Always remember, you are always communicating even if you are not talking. It’s the eye contact, the way you hold yourself, the body positioning and much more. A great way to learn this is to pay attention and learn how to read all other’s bogy language and you will then be aware of your own as well.

Stop With the Unnecessary Conversation Fillers

One has to stop using those ah’s and the um’s. This can totally be eliminated if when you are about to say those conversation fillers, just stop and don’t say anything, think for a second and then proceed with your conversation. This way your entire conversation will appear to have more feeling and more confidence in the subject at hand.

In fact, do this today and keep track of how many times you actually say those fillers, especially “like”. Simply relax before talking, sit down and pause when those fillers are about to come out of your mouth. Believe me those silent seconds are much more awkward to yourself then others. In fact, the conversation seems more thought out when there are a few silent moments.

Talk With Telling a Story

Have you ever noticed yourself when someone is telling you a story, you end up listening with much more attention? That’s because stories are a powerful way to speak. Why do you think stories captivate children? Due to the fact they activate our brains, make presentations more powerful, and we become more persuasive. We all have a great story, at least one great story we can let others hear. Try it out and notice how they ultimately want to hear the end of the story when you are telling it.

By Asking Questions, Even Repeat the Other Persons Words

As human beings, we have one time or another let our minds drift off when someone is speaking to us and therefore missed what they said. By asking questions and also by repeating just a few of the person’s words that they just said definitely will show you are into the conversation with your full attention. This also clarifies any misunderstandings that may be occurring also.

Asking questions is a sure way to show you are interested in that particular person’s conversation. Instead of trying to talk about the boring topics, ask the person questions about them. All of us love to talk about ourselves, so this is a great way to engage.

Hidden Danger of Comparing Yourself to Others

You are good enough

I’m going to start with a true story of Agnes de Mille. She was a great dancer and an awesome choreographer. In her early career, Agnes choreographed “Three Virgins and a Devil”.  At that time, she felt it was good work, however, seemed as though it seemed nobody really liked it that much.

Just a couple of years later, Agnes choreographed “Rodeo”. Once again, she thought her work was great this time, however again not much attention.

Then came the year of 1943, Agnes choreographed Oklahoma!, which was a musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein was an instant big success. Oklahoma! Had approximately 2,212 performances. In 1955, the film version won an Academy Award.

Now, little to her public, the success of Oklahoma! baffled her. She thought all her work on Oklahoma! was really nothing in comparison to some of her previous creations. She was later quote saying, “After the opening of Oklahoma!, I suddenly had unexpected, flamboyant success for a work I thought was only fairly good, after years of neglect for work I thought was fine. I was bewildered and worried that my entire scale of values was untrustworthy. I talked to Martha.”

Who was Martha you ask?

Martha was Martha Graham. She was, by far, the most influential dance choreographer of the 20th century. She wasn’t as well-known by the public, however, Graham is comparable to other such creative geniuses like Picasso or Frank Lloyd Wright by all others. So, when Agnes told Martha Graham about her frustration, Graham responded by telling her the following:

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open.”

Judging yourself is pure uselessness. There are those days we all feel just like Agnes de Mille felt. It doesn’t matter the outcome, we have to realize one important thing and that is, we are often our own worst enemies by judging our own work.

Martha Graham’s advice takes this even further and also states that it is not your job to judge your own work either. The biggest truth I believe is that it is not our place to compare ourselves to others. It is not our responsibility to even try to make out just how useful it can literally be.

I want to let you read a quote by Pema Chodron, a Buddhist teacher, and that is your job is to “come as you are.”

How many millions of people in every field of work that make each day a work of art just by the way they do it. We all have our own unique style that nobody else in the world has.

Remember in school, we were taught to keep our eyes on our own paper! Well, that was simple stating to not cheat. I believe there should have been a deeper message such as, it doesn’t make a difference what your school-mate writes down for their answer. So, same goes for your work today. Your only concern is to do the work, not to judge your work. Your concern is to fall in love with the process, not to grade your outcome. Keep your eyes on your own paper, in other words.