Ways to Improve Your Communication


One of the most important and imperative life skills to have today is effective communication.  It seems as though we really do not put a huge effort into it. Doesn’t matter if you are looking to have better more intelligent conversations in the social aspect of your life or you want to be a much better communicator for you career. Here’s a few ways that will help you in learning to be a better communicator and more effective at communication in all areas of your life.

Take Notice of Your Body Language

We all know this one and that is we tell our partner to open up and discuss the subject at hand, however our arms are crossed, we roll our eyes, we are desperately looking at our cell phones and we expect effective communication?

I would think even a child would tell you to please pay attention and look at me (I know because my child has asked me to do so!). Sad but true. It is our non-verbal and non-written expressions that are so revealing to others that we may not even take notice. Well, take notice!

Always remember, you are always communicating even if you are not talking. It’s the eye contact, the way you hold yourself, the body positioning and much more. A great way to learn this is to pay attention and learn how to read all other’s bogy language and you will then be aware of your own as well.


Stop With the Unnecessary Conversation Fillers

One has to stop using those ah’s and the um’s. This can totally be eliminated if when you are about to say those conversation fillers, just stop and don’t say anything, think for a second and then proceed with your conversation. This way your entire conversation will appear to have more feeling and more confidence in the subject at hand.

In fact, do this today and keep track of how many times you actually say those fillers, especially “like”. Simply relax before talking, sit down and pause when those fillers are about to come out of your mouth. Believe me those silent seconds are much more awkward to yourself then others. In fact, the conversation seems more thought out when there are a few silent moments.

Talk With Telling a Story

Have you ever noticed yourself when someone is telling you a story, you end up listening with much more attention? That’s because stories are a powerful way to speak. Why do you think stories captivate children? Due to the fact they activate our brains, make presentations more powerful, and we become more persuasive. We all have a great story, at least one great story we can let others hear. Try it out and notice how they ultimately want to hear the end of the story when you are telling it.

By Asking Questions, Even Repeat the Other Persons Words

As human beings, we have one time or another let our minds drift off when someone is speaking to us and therefore missed what they said. By asking questions and also by repeating just a few of the person’s words that they just said definitely will show you are into the conversation with your full attention. This also clarifies any misunderstandings that may be occurring also.

Asking questions is a sure way to show you are interested in that particular person’s conversation. Instead of trying to talk about the boring topics, ask the person questions about them. All of us love to talk about ourselves, so this is a great way to engage.

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